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Stocking ideas for 55g community tank?

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I am currently in the process of cycling a 55 gallon tank that I was planning on setting up for cichlids. I even went and bought an eheim 2217, but I honestly just decided that cichlids are not right for me, or at least not right now.

Anyways, my ideal stocking would be a LARGE group of schooling fish, some bottom feeders, a smaller group of either schooling or shoaling fish, and one "centerpiece" fish.

My only concern with "centerpiece" fishes is that they are usually a bit larger than the rest of the fish and if I stock something small like Rasboras or really small Tetras I can't have it trying to eat them. Maybe a fish with a tiny mouth? My biggest fish is a pearl gourami so I don't know much about the larger guys :)

I would love any stocking suggestions.
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Before I suggest anything, can I ask what your ph, gh, and kh are? That way I can suggest fish that do well for the type of water you have (in regards to hardness/softness). :)
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