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I would like input onto whether or not these stocking lists will work or not, but I did try to keep the levels of the tank balance in all of these. I will only be including the substrate, but there will be 7-10x capacity filtration on these. As well as adequate heaters, correct plants (would also like some suggestions on this front). And of course Hideyholes for the more skittish ones.

20 Gallon Planted Tank (gravel substrate)

2x Dwarf Gouramis (1m 1f)
6x Black and White Skirt tetras
1x Albino bristlenose pleco
1x kribensis
1x bumblebee catfish

29 Gallon Planted Tank (sand substrate)

3x Zebra Loach (looked and read that a group of 3 should be fine)
1x african butterfly fish
6x Mixed color Corycats
2x Cockatoo Apistogramma (1m, 1f)
1x pearl gourami (heard they are very docile but are big enough that going to the surface with an ABF that they shouldn't be bothered)

55 Gallon Planted Tank (can't decide between sand or gravel, maybe half of each? This is my Living room tank that EVERYONE who comes over will see. So keep that in mind with substrate.. XD)

3x Swordtails (1m 2f)
1x rainbow Shark
1x Bamboo Shrimp or Viper Shrimp
2x Golden Wonder Killifish
1x Albino Bristlenose Pleco
1x Bristlenose Pleco (I heard having 2 in a 55 gallon wasn't a bad idea, but if you think it is let me know, and this guy won't be bought)
2x German Blue Rams (1m 1f)
6x Columbian Tetras
6x guppies (ALL male, unless you think I could feed the fry to the ABF or would the Killi take care of any free swimming fry?)
6x Apple Snail, Mystery Snail, Malaysian Trumpet Snail, or Nerite Snails (which of these is best or is there a different one ya'll would recommend?)

I tried to build these tanks around fish that I already have... and they are listed below. Any suggestions about removing them completely from the stock isn't what I'm looking for. On a side note, I haven't had any fin nipping issues from the Black and White Skirt Tetras.

3x Corycats
3x Swordtails
3x Black and White Skirt Tetras (1B 2W)
1x Colombian Tetra
1x Albino Bristlenose Pleco
1x Rainbow Shark
2x dwarf gourami (1m 1f)
1x Bamboo Shrimp
1x Golden Wonder Killifish

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The 20g i would get rid or move the black skirts because they get pretty big, also move the bushynose plecs 2 the 55. U could put 1-5 in there. I got three in my 29g and they r out a lot more. This is how i would personally stock ur tanks so u have an idea. So 20g i would stock it like this

1m 2f so the male will not harass 1 female 2 much or 5 female bettas
1 bushynose plec
1 bumblebee cat
6+ small schooling fish
And get rid of the krib

The 29g would look like this
Move the pearls to the 55g
3 zebra loaches
6 cories
2 apistos 1m 1f
1 abf
2-3 bushynose plecs
Than some schooling fish maybe the black skirts. I would recommend u use black sand in the tank

The 55g
No swordtails i dont like them but u could get them if u like them
I wouldnt do the shark either they get pretty big. I would do a large school of the same type of cories.
1+ bamboo shrimp
Colombian tetras r fine
The gbrs r fine
The gold wonder killifish get big and sort of mean so i would skip them
I dont like guppies but u could get them. I would do some females, than give all ur other fish some live foods
2-5 bushynose plecs
Than 3-4 pearl gouramis 1 or 2m & 2-3f
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