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I currently have 3 tanks, 2 display tanks and a quarantine tank.
The quarantine currently holds 9 Lemon Tetras who just celebrated their 4th week of quarantine.
My 65 gallon tank is very underpopulated with only 13 Harlequin Rasboras as denizens, they've been there since the middle of January.
My 29 gallon tank is home to 4 Panda Corys and 8 Bronze Corys. The Dwarf Gourami that was the "centerpiece" fish in this tank recently died, I believe of an internal parasite, and so I've been medicating the tank with Metronizadole and have lost no other fish.

All of the tanks are planted, with the 29 and 65 gallon tanks being toward the heavily planted end of the spectrum.
The 29 gallon has standard sized aquarium gravel as the substrate while the 65 gallon has playsand.
Eventually I would like to add Bolivian Rams to the 65 gallon tank.

My Water Parameters are:
Mg 8.33 mg/L
Ca 29.7 mg/L
Na 8.52 mg/L
S04 31.2 mg/L
Cl 9.50 mg/L
Total Hardness: 104 mg/L
Total Alkalinity: 76 mg/L
Carbonate Alkalinity: 0 mg/L
Bicarbonate Alkalinity: 76 mg/L
Non-Carbonate Hardness: 28 mg/L
pH in pH units: 7.76

So here is where I am now:
I originally planned to add the Lemon Tetra to the 65 gallon for a second shoal of mid-tank fish, but with the loss of the Gourami in the 29 I have been considering putting them in this tank instead as the corys have become quite bashful with no upper-level fish in the tank.
I have also thought that I could move all of the corys to the 65 gallon tank and do a pair of dwarf cichlids such as Apistogramma Cacatuidoides or Apistogramma Hongsloi in the 29 gallon tank with an Ancistrus of some sort and the Lemon Tetras.

Alternatively the Lemon Tetras could be added to the 65 gallon as planned and I could either up the number of Panda Corys greatly and/or add a shoal of something peaceful like Cherry Barbs or a male Honey Gourami with a harem of females.

So, what would YOU do?
I wouldn't mind opinions on the options I've outlined above, nor would I object to suggestions outside of what I've thought up myself.

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I would definitely move the corys into the 65g, solely because it has sand. This is important, more than most of us (including me) realize.

The Apistogramma if they materialize I would keep in the 29g. Dwarf cichlids will spawn, and substrate fish are a real "enemy" when they do. Corys are tough-skinned, but they can take a pounding from dwarf cichlid females.

That doesn't answer the Lemo Tetra question, I know, but your options for this species are all fine in my view.:)

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