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As stated in the title, I've been out of practice for a while now. I quit fishkeeping about a year before I left for college just due to lack of funds. (17 years old with no job and a mother who thought it was a waste of money! Lol) Well, now that I'm living in the dorms, my roomate and I are allowed a 10 gallon tank in our room and we want to take full advantage of that. 10 gallon is the maximum tank size we are allowed, so please do not suggest that we get a bigger tank.

We want to fully stock the tank with plants, ADFs, cories, etc. We know for sure that we want one "snake-like" fish since we originally wanted a pet corn snake (our RA was one of the ones who would not allow it, even if she wouldn't "see" it), so we were entertaining the idea of Kuhli loaches. I have successfully had "overstocked" tanks before with proper filtration and water changes, but I know to never overcrowd the tank. I don't have the time to do heavy research on all of the fish we want to get like I did when I used to keep fish so I'm hoping for some advice on here (and PLEASE, no criticism!)

So far, our "for sure" few have been a pack of 4-5 smaller corydoras, a small school of neon tetras (not sure how many for those), an ADF or two (we will have water parameters steady prior to getting them and do not mind "babysit feeding"), and some shrimp/snails.
We want the tank to look "busy," so all layers of the tank must be taken up. I generally do no believe in the 1 inch/gallon rule, so please do not suggest it. If any fish ever get too big for the tank, there is an awesome fish store nearby that will readily take them off our hands.

I am open to any and every stocking suggestion! We have the proper funds to maintain an overcrowded tank and will get the proper filtration for the bioload. (As of right now, I have a 20g sponge filter and a 20g Whisper filter for the 10g. Will look into better filters as suggested.)

AGAIN! PLEASE NO CRITICISM! If anyone disagrees with my plan of stocking, please do so politely and I will take your opinion into consideration! I am not going to be irresponsible and dump ALL of my stock in at once! I will cycle and add them over a time span! And at the end of the school year, we will find appropriate homes for each of our pets!
These will be the only pets we will be allowed for the next year, and being animal lovers, we want to take full advantage of this opportunity!
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