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Hi there! A couple days ago I got a used 38 gallon tank, and need help with stocking iit! I have never owned an aquarium this big before; I have many bettas, and the largest tank I own is a 10 gallon. I don't have much experience owning other fish. I have had corys and glowlight tetras, but that is about it other than betta fish. This is quite a big jump for me!

Anyway, I plan to use pool filter sand as substrate, and I will be planting it with fairly simple plants, like java fern, anubias, water wisteria, etc. I am going to be using this tank to learn more about fishkeeping and aquarium plants. The filter I will be using is an Aqueon 55/75 HOB filter.

I was thinking of the following stocking:

5 X Guppies (Male)
8 X Harlequin Rasboras
8 X Cardinal Tetras
8 X Julii Corys

I entered this into Aqadvisor, and it said it would be 94% stocked. Is this okay? What are your opinions of this set up? Should I increase or decrease anything?

Thank you!
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