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Hello! I recently set up a 29 gal for a betta community tank.
It has a lot of silk plants and two caves (one big fake driftwood and one small skull), as well as a betta log. And a Marimo Moss ball. I’m hoping to eventually get into planted aquariums, but it’s just not possible right now.
I have a backup 5.5 in case the betta ends up being too aggressive for a community tank. Heated, filtered, and cycled, with a lid.

My question is: Are my stocking plans too much? I’ve kept one tank going for three and a half years, but it’s the 5.5 and only had one betta (he passed not long ago- jumped out when I had the lid off for cleaning and I didn’t notice until too late since he usually hid when I cleaned), so I’ve never managed my own community tank before.

this is my plan:
9 rasboras heteromorphas
10 cherry shrimp, or ghost shrimp
1 male betta

Is that too much? Since it’s my first community tank, I don’t want to overstock and would rather understock, but I don’t want the rasboras to be too lonely.

Thanks for your help!


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