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Some forum members may have noticed a change to what appears in the "Status" box in the User area that shows at the left of each post made by a member. This change was made following a discussion and unanimous agreement of the moderator team.

The former designations of Bronze Member, Silver Member and Gold Member were being taken by some members as an indicator of the member's level of experience or knowledge in the hobby. The designations were actually based solely on the number of posts for that member. And this led some members to make irrelevant posts solely to achieve a higher status level. Both issues are considered non-productive to the forum.

The present scheme provides for a New Member status, followed by a Member status. Moderators are identified as Super Moderator so other members know who is on the moderating team. All moderators whether new or long-standing have this same status; the "Super" is not indicative of any higher rank.

Byron, On behalf of the moderating team.
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