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Hello everyone! So I currently have two tanks and am wanating to start a 25 gal community tank. I made a stocking list but I don't know if it will work. First I have a question, so I am wanting to get a few honey gouramis but I'm getting a lot of conflict over how many or M or F. Originally I was just going to get a male and a female but then I read that they can get aggresive if breeding and I didn't really want to deal with tank fights and stressed fish. Would 2-3 females work? Should I just stick with a pair?
Here's my stocking list:
2-3 honey gourami's
12 cardinal tetras
6 corydoras
1 bolivian ram (I've done a lot of research on them and I think the temp and water requirments would work with the others. Same issue as before, they could get a little aggresive when mating so I thought I might just get one male. Would this be okay? Would he be lonely?)
I hope I haven't overstocked and that they all are compatible but any advice is much appreciated!
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