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I have some Carib Sea sand (Torpedo Beach) which looks like a coarse sand. By eye it looks to be about 1mm. Has an occasional larger piece (maybe 2 to 3 mm. I want to use it to setup my Betta tank. I am planning a desk lamp or clip on w/a CFL (Incandescent replacement) with a 25 watt heater and an AZOO Mignon filter(16.5 gph). I'm planning on easy (Anubia, swords, wisteria, water sprite ( if I can find it) most of the online stores won't ship it to CA, Bacopa carolinia, plants. I am planning on using Seachem Excel and Comprehensive (liquid and root tabs) as I use on my 29 g community tank. Quanities adjusted, of course.

MY question is will use of Laterite under the sand be worthwhile?

BTW all of you guys are wonderful in answering questions like mine (no coaxing).:yourock:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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