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First of all, sorry for my poor English, I am not a native user of English.

I have my nano tank about 2 years new.
A year ago i have planted new plants and got watersnals for free :oops: , and alga too.
It took me up to new to get it onder controle. My plants dit not sevived as well as a lot of my fish.
Now I tink it is time to get a fresh start.
I am getting new fish.
A couple of Helena sneals.
And new plants off course.

But before a go get that I am tinking of starting my tank over.
But how I will do that, I am not sure.

I have a old tank, as backup. Can I start it, put tank water in it with my fish and filter + my backup filter.
And cleen my normal tank. And start over after a couple of days. And let it run in before I get new fish and putt my survivors back in.

Or can i do it faster.
Just get my fish in a bowl.
cleen everyting and re-use part of the water.

What is the best thing to do.


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I would like to restart my existing tank.

It is a Superfish panorama 60, it is 47 cm lang x 33 cm x 33 cm . 55 liter
That is 21.654 inch x 12.992 inch x 12.992 inch. 1859.8 VS Fl oz.

My old thank, ( a 52x27x36cm, 40L. 1352.6 VS fl oz)

I have 6 Harlequin Rasboras and 2 neon tetras that have survived.

I was thinking of using it to keep my fish until I can move my fish back to my inproved existing tank.

option A:
- Put the fish in the old tank, with the old water.
- Restart my existing tank,
- and after the run in time move my fish back.

Option B:
- Put the fish in the old tank, with the old water
- Cleen my existing tank
- decorating existing tank
- put some of the old water back
- fill with fresh water
- put fish back

Thank you

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Agree with Flint.
You can transfer water from one tank to the other- it will help acclimating the fish but it will not instantly cycle your new tank. You will need to move some bacteria as well and those bacteria grow on surfaces: gravel, rocks, decorations, plants, filter. I believe there is a misconception that most of bacteria is in the filter. I don't think that is entirely true.
Move as many objects from one tank to the other, even if temporary, you can take them out in a couple of weeks if you don't like them.

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Thanks for helping with all the advice.
I have just finished cleening my tank.
I moved my fish in my old tank + my filter and ornemends and part of the water.
I cleend my tank and rinsed my gravel.
Than I put everything back and moved my fish back.

Neckt sunday I will go get new plants and in a week or 3 I will get my new fish

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