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SOS! HELP! angelfish attacks another angefish

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i have an algae eater, a lepopard pleco , a black ghost knife fish and i just added another angelish... the old angelfish is attacking the new!!! what is happening? i thought that angelfises are peacfull !! :( i hiope it wont kill it!!! help me.. what should i do!!!!??? thanks
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thanks guys! the bgk is pretty fine!! my algae eater is yellow (gold), and my leopard pleco is about to be given to a friend.. because there is no enough space here for him!! i have put the new angelfish in a net, because i thought that the old one will get used to it before it kills it!! thanks.. :)!! if i add another angelfish the old one will attack both?
byron thanks for infromation really much!!!

scarletangel.. i did something like this... and now they just pecking each other... i think that the problem has gone... :)) thanks!!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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