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SOS! HELP! angelfish attacks another angefish

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i have an algae eater, a lepopard pleco , a black ghost knife fish and i just added another angelish... the old angelfish is attacking the new!!! what is happening? i thought that angelfises are peacfull !! :( i hiope it wont kill it!!! help me.. what should i do!!!!??? thanks
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Well.. it could be anumber of things. It could just be telling the new guy whos boss.. this will stop in a couple of days if this is the case. It could be attempting to mate.. likely it will wind up killing it if this is the case as the new "female" would be too stressed. You tank is too small and your old one doesn't want company.

How big is your tank? nm just looked at aquarium log.. 50g. The knife fish is too big for that tank. It is basically leaving no room for any new fish.

What is your algae eater? Or do you mean the leoperd pleco(how big do these guys get?) is your algae eater?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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