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something very strange......

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Tonight while feeding the tetras in my smallest aquarium (7 gallon hexagon), I noticed on the small lid that lifts up for feeding the fish, something very odd. When i lifted the little lid, on the inside of the lid, which is about 3 inches (or 8 cm) higher than water level, something stuck to the lid; it looks like baby corn (for lack of a better way to describe it). What is it??? It's firm, bumpy, and the first thing i could think of was "eggs", but is that possible so far from the water? Could there be some kind of parasite in the tank? Very strange..............
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Nope, it's not any kind of fish or snail, just something stuck there.
thats weird....keep us posted!

Are you able to post a photograph of it Tracy, and what size is it exactly?
i had a gooey, gel-like substance on one of my filter outputs - about the size of a "baby corn" ( :wink: )....but it eventually dissappeared or was eaten....i wonder if its the same thing....
Sound like snail eggs to me.
Tracy said:
It's firm, bumpy, and the first thing i could think of was "eggs", but is that possible so far from the water?
Unless you own golden apple snails, then it can't be their snail eggs. Apple snails tend to lay eggs outside the water.
I am positive that it is an apple snail that could lay eggs outside the water unless we have a strange alien roaming around.:dunno: :bluelaugh:
I can't post a photo of it, I took it out of the tank. I do have a blue mystery snail in there, not an apple snail. And the 'baby corn' wasn't submerged in the water -- it was on the inside of the little lid that flips up to feed the fish. But yeah, it probably was some kind of egg thing. Because it was out of the water, it was 'hard', but when I broke it in half the little 'corn things' were gooey on the inside. Ewww........ The entire thing was about 2cms in length.
lol tracy
I can tell you for sure that your "corn like growth" is eggs from the mystery snail. I get them all the time. There is a trick to raising them until hatching. Like the apple snail, they lay eggs out of the water, but the eggs must stay wet/moist for them to develop into snails. I have a friend who raises them. She dropped the water level in the tank by about 1 inch and added an air stone and air pump so there is a constant "mist" hitting the eggs, and they hatch every time. I have yet to set up to hatch them because I would have nowhere to go with them all right now. I would say if you've seen them once, expect to see them again.
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