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Someone gets a mention as does the forum in this vid!

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I am certainly grateful for the kind words from "Dave" in the video. I like the aquascape very much, but do have one problem to point out, and that is the flow from the two filters.

You can see the rasbora are struggling against the current, and this will burn these fish out. Remember that this water movement is continual, day and night (unless he shuts the filters off at night). This fish needs a quiet tank with minimal water movement. As do the gourami. It would be better also to not have two filters, or two directions to the flow which is what I am really after. A single slower flow down the tank would provide a more natural "stream" for these fish. With such species as those here, a flow that causes plants throughout the tank to "sway" is too excessive. Plasnts should never move due to the current from the filter, except in the area closest to the filter return, unless there are species in the tank that need this.

He is correct on the rainbows; the two left may be male/female, not sure, but they should be in a group.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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