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i thought id try to get some pics!! they not good cos done on phone, introducing u to my family!!!!

this is Scarlet one of my female guppies

this is Bish one of my new rams

and again!!!

Pheobe my heavily preg guppy

Maureen, my heavily preg balloon molly

Tango, male balloon molly

Jaws, my silver shark

Baby Jesus(first born)!!! 7 week old balloon molly with 3 week old guppy fry

Bones my glofish

Zeberdee, my 1st pleco

Beast and BJ my other plecos

Zeberdee and Godfrey!

Hulk, my gorgeous male guppy

Polly the molly!!

Bosh, my other ram with Zeb and Godders!!

and finally Crazy Freddie the frog!!!

hope u like my family! couldnt get pics of all of them as the think its dinner time wen i get too close and they become to excited!!!!!

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heres the rest of the gang!!
this is Tiny, my tetra

this is Fudge, male swordtail

this is me teasing them, they think its dinner time!! theyd eat my finger too!

Smudge. female swordtail

all of em!

Champagne, female guppy

Blue and Spot, pearl and leopard danois

and finally Perky, danio of somekind lol!(partner Pinky died
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