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So, I decided to swap out the light for the 60 Gallon cube. The BeamsWork just wasn't cutting it for the plant growth I am looking for. The BeamsWork LED lights up the tank just fine, but as you see this tank is planted so it just not powerful enough. I picked up a new light. Solarmax HE High Efficiency Double T5 lighting system by Deep Blue Professional. Very happy with it so far. Its NOT an LED so I think it will do just fine for the plants...

- Dual Daylight Lamps 10K & 6,700K
- Independent Lamp Control
- Light Amplifying Parabolic Reflector
- Integrated LED Moonlights

24" W/ Adjustable Brackets
24" T5 System (14W x 2)
4X Moonlight LED's
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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