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Hello all,

I have 6 Zebra Danio that I'd like to give up for adoption. They are in great health: energetic, friendly, eat well, and have bold markings without disease. They had been treated for ich a long while ago. I have had them for 3-4 years.

I'd rather not give them to petco. I'd prefer to hand them down to someone in the hobby or an aspiring young hobbyist.

I need to move them from a tank with angelfish - they get along quite well, even at the surface for feeding, but i do not know much energy these angels will be comfortable with in the long run. I would keep them if i had room, but do not :( Anyone in the area from anaheim to san clemente is fine.
Oh man, I live in Orange County and would totally pick them up next week once I get my tank planted and cycled. Shoot me a PM if you have no luck finding a good home for them!
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