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Soaking fish food in garlic

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I've been doing a little reading on this topic, and there is a lot of info contradicting a lot of others info. So I am not sure where to start.

I have read that garlic is good for boosting the immune system, and appetite for fish. I have also read that it helps get rid of internal parasites.

So where do I began with this and how often should I feed to my fish? I have seen where people soak fish food in garlic extract from minced garlic containers, and/or mince fresh garlic and soak in water then soak fish food in that.

What do you all do? Have you tried this? And if so, how often do you feed this treat to fish? And does it really work for internal parasites?

p.s. Alot of my readings have come from reef community websites/articles, so I am not sure if much of what that says holds true to freshwater fish.
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