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So I have mosquito larva...

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I have rain barrel outside that collects water off our shed so it doesn't create a river in our yard when it rains. Can i scoop these larva out with a fine net rinse them off and put them in a jar of freshwater for a few days and then feed them to my fish? Do I need to do all this or can i just scoop them out and feed them to my fish? I think my fish would love this treat as well as help with my mosquito problem.

Any suggestions or comments?
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I would just scoop out what you need for a feeding. I've no idea how long it takes for larvae to hatch, but I would not risk this by keeping them other than outside in the rainbarrel. Don't overfeed either, as any uneaten larvae will hatch.:)
I dont know if i can over feed. I alwayd feed little bits at a time and they never seem to get enough. I always feel like I'm starving them. Lol. They are gluttons.
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I just go out with a brine shrimp net and scoop them out, rinse them in a bowl of tank water, and dump them into the tank.
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