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well i been away for a lil bitdue to my laptop crapping out but im all good now.heres a video update of my most recent 2 buys of my powder brown tang and the scopas tang. unfortunetly the powder brown i got caught a slight cause of velvet....yes i know nasty but me always staring at the tank and fish i caught it almost be safe i took all fish and quarantined them in a 55 gallon.

first the tank with them
MOV007_zps9d764857.mp4 Video by jeremyliscio | Photobucket

now them in quarantine
MOV011_zps9922bdf5.mp4 Video by jeremyliscio | Photobucket
Powders are a very touchy specimen and do not tend to last long in home aquaria. I hope you have better luck.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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