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I was getting tired of seeing so many ramshorn snails in my 50 gallon. So I spent half an hour picking them out and putting them in a bowl. Well over 60! On large black one is an inch, for sure. Reds, browns and leopards.

I 'thought' my mystery snails have also been reproducing. I have gold, ivory and black, and I may have a blue one, not sure. Point is, I was just reading online about the colors for ramshorns and ... seems THEY can come in a blue, as well. So now the little blue ones I left in the tank (along with the gold and ivory) well, I'm not sure what they are, lol.

So now I have a bowl sitting on the kitchen counter, with all these ramshorn snails. I didn't think this through, no clue what to do with them now.


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