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I happen to work for a smart home product manufacturer, so when I recently decided to get back into keeping fish (after a 15 year hiatus!) of course my fish tank is going to be smart. I can do everything shown and described below, and it's cheaper than you think. I will keep it brand-generic, no brand fanboy stuff, but I do love fishkeeping and I do love smart home and tech, so let me know what you think!

Some things you can do with a smart aquarium:

  1. Monitor water level
  2. Monitor water temperature
  3. Detect a water leak
  4. Monitor, control and schedule lighting (via smart plug)
  5. Monitor, control and schedule lighting via smart IR remote (IR-compatible lighting)
  6. Monitor, control and schedule water pumps/filters
  7. Monitor, control and schedule air pump
  8. Shut down equipment on high water
  9. Monitor and control heaters (e.g. turn off runaway heater, or automate heating entirely)
  10. Monitor power (current) for equipment
  11. Monitor for main power loss
  12. Sequential start-up and shut-down routines
  13. Set up timed routines, for example turn off filters for feeding time, turn off pumps, UV, heater for water change time
  14. Respond to low water conditions with notifications and turning off heaters and UV lighting automatically
  15. Respond to low temperature by turning on heat, or turn off heat for high-temp
  16. Chart activity of equipment, current draw, with app visualizations, export to CSV
  17. Receive notifications in the phone of app push notifications, email, SMS
  18. Receive spoken custom alert messages (if audio/speaker hub available)
  19. Activate audible alarms (e.g. remote sirens)
  20. Control low-voltage equipment with smart relays
  21. Monitor alarms and sensors with contact-closure/relay-outputs
  22. Kill power or control select equipment while on UPS power
  23. Monitor cabinets or equipment from casual tampering (e.g. deter curious kids with an audible alarm)
  24. Monitor and control all smart devices from an app
  25. Monitor and control all smart devices from a fob
  26. Monitor and control via Alexa, IFTTT, Home Assistant
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