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small root feeding plants?

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looking for some smaller root feeding plants for the front of the tank, any suggestions? i use comprehensive fert 48" dual t5ho no co2 55gal
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Most foreground plants are root feeders...
Crypt parva, crypt willissi, and dwarf sag come to mind
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That's a lot of light not to be using Co2
how is this to much light to not be using co2? for the wattage im a little over 2watts per gallon, the light is kept in check along with the ferts etc etc. any explination to your theroy? to jsut say to much light to not using co2 isnt helping anyone, not me or anyone thats reading the thread. next time you post a reply like that please explain a little, if you are able.
nah dude just way to much light no explanation needed.:jester:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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