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Small community Vivarium setup idea

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Sometime in the distant future, I would love to tun my 10g into a vivarium, half water half land with live plants and such. My idea was to look something like this picture...but not near as nice and smaller lol, and the land would slope into the water, not be a sharp drop off. I would also like to add a second level that would extend out over the water area to add more surface area for the critters. I was thinking that I would like to stock it with two firebellied newts and 3-5 White Cloud Mountain minnows. They have similar habitat needs for the water part anyway and have been kept together as a successful community by many in a 10 gallon so I know that part will work out. What I am really wondering though is if anything else can be kept in this community setup. I was thinking africandwarf frogs, but they need warmer temperatures so that would obviously not work out. I would really like something that will use the land area a lot. Would manyella frogs work? I know their climate preference is the same, my only concern is them drowning in that water. The edges would be sloped though and have lots of texture so it should be easy to climb out...but I'm still scared they drown. So, any ideas of an animal to go on the land area and thoughts on this setup plan?


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Could I add a female fiddler crab maybe? Mine spend most of the time on the land area and they have tiny tiny claws. They never pinch me but if they do i cant even hardly feel it. They are usually pretty docile ime and keep to themselves unless they are starving or threatened. Not a male, those ones can be viscous yes.
Nobody? It is ok if you don't know abou the specific species... I would still love just a general idea of how stocking might be and what you think of the idea. Please respond!
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I'm sorry your question has not been answered. I'm not sure of any members who keep crabs to refer you to them. A 10 gallon really is very small. How big does a Fiddler Crab get? and how much land and water area do they need?
don't get a fiddler, they require brackish water for long term survival! :)
I pretty sure that vampire crabs are freshwater animals (not 100% sure), but do your research before getting one :)
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They do fine in a five gallon, even a 3G is ok for just one as long as there are lots of climbing places and if you can get a land area set up. I have kept fiddlers before, they get like 3 inches max. I currently have red claws Ina 4 gallon brackish setup. I guess I couldn't have the fiddlers since they would need a brackish dip at the least and if the reptiles got into it it would harm their skin:(
Yes, I have heard good things a bout vampire crabs, but I can't find them near me...
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Maybe look online for the vampire crabs??? :) There would be some there!
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