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i got some LR with some coral and stuff on it, not sure wat exactly they r,hopefully ill get a camera soon and we can all play name the stuff in the fish tank, cause i have NO idea just that it was a bargan on the live rock.but the stuff is making a slime thats very long, i was thinking its stressed and put some of that blue mythadol or somthing in it that i use to acclimate the fish n stop them from long does this process last? and or have i done somthing wrong? the salt is on 1.018 i know its abit low but gonna step it up to about 1.022/23 soon just have to do it slowly due to my invert being sensative to salt changes.hopefully put some pics in a couple of hours but any advise would be awsome.thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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