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Mesh Mod for the cheap needle wheel imellars is easy, and can make a big boy skimmer out of your cheap skimmer. And all this for only a bit of your time, and a couple of bucks to the mesh material
#1- Remove your impellar from your pump. You'll want to cut off the nubs on the blades, only leaving the outter ones for stability.
Toy Yellow Finger Lego Action figure

Next, you need the mesh. I got mine off E-Bay. just cost a couple of bucks. Cut a square off about the size of your impellar head, doesn't have to be perfect as after gluing it on, you'll need to trim.
Finger Hand Plant Thumb Soil

Yellow Plant Night Space

Next, I use super glue to attach the mesh to the impellar.
Finger Hand Plant Pattern Art

After it sets up for a few minutes, make another layer of mesh and glue the same as the first. I use 3 layers on mine. This will all depend on your clearance on the cap that goes over the impellar housing.
Hand Fashion accessory Finger Glitter

Finished product
Light Finger Hand Fashion accessory

Water Gas

This is a Coralife Super Skimmer 220
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