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For those of you familliar with the original thread, this is a continuation of the original Reef Diary started on my 55gallon system. Most of the livestock and equipment here came from the original system. Nonetheless, I will give a bit of detail on the old equipment still in use, as well the new upgrades.

The original 55 gallon Perfecto reef ready tank was replaced with a 75 gallon All-Glass reef ready tank. The corner overflow setup of the original 55g tank was a bit intrusive and I really like the back mounted overflow on the 75. The larger footprint also makes it much easier to hide the overflow.

The Lighting unit was also upgraded from a 260w Power compact unit to a 492w HQI/PC combo. The improvement in both the growth, and coloration of the corals has been awesome.

The two 270 gph rated Aquaclear 50 Powerheads were both replaced with 850 gph rated Hydor Koralia 3 Water circulation pumps, raising the flow rate by nearly 1200 gph.

The Skimmer, a Coralife Superskimmer 125, is still in operation, but is slated for replacement providing everything goes according to plan. The Superskimmer, though it has served me well, is planned to be replaced by an ASM G3 some time hopefully this summer.

The Sump, another piece carried on from the previous system, is also slated for replacement. While the existing sump is adequate, I am entertaining the idea of rebuilding the sump from a 30g breeder, as it has a larger footprint than the current 30 gallon long. All of the pre-existing plumbing for the sump has been replaced. The change from ribbed sump hose to vinyl hose has proven very effective for the reduction of noise, and it was a bit easier to work with.

A new addition has made it to my system. A 48 hour power outage with temps in the teens outside occurred about a week after the move. This caused a bit more die-off in the system than we had hoped for. The result was an outbreak of hair algae and diatoms.

The Return pump, A 634 gph Eheim 1260, pressure rated for 500 gph at a 4' head will remain in operation. I highly recommend this pump for anyone with a single overflow system. Its quiet operation, and easy disassembly for cleaning make this a great option for a return.

The 200w All-Glass heater, which just burned out after 3 years of use, was replaceed with a 300 watt heater. I dont recall the brand at current.

And Finally, the stand is yet another hand crafted by myself with the occasional assistance of my children. Thank you Cody (my oldest) for all of the help. I couldnt have done it without you.

In my next post, I'll give a list of all the Livestock, and then it's on to the good stuff, The PICS! I'll try not to dissapoint.

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OK, so now on to the Livestock. As Ive said, most of this is from the previous system, but there are a few new additions, and a few losses. The losses include my firefish pair, whom both committed suicide at the old house, the Scooter blenny, who also perished before the move and my wife's purple rimmed fungia plate. The new stuff, I'll just indicate anything added to the system after the move.

2 Amphiprion ocellaris (False Percula Clownfish)
1 Zebrasoma flavescens (Yellow Tang)
1 Paracanthurus hepatus (Blue Hippo Tang)
1 Pseudocheilinus hexataenia (Six Line Wrasse)
1 Ecsenius bicolor (Bicolor Blenny)
1 Elacatinus oceanops (Neon Goby) - MIA
3 Pseudanthias squamipinnis - (Lyretail Anthias) - NEW

SPS Corals
Green Montipora Capricornis - NEW
Red Montipora Capricornis - NEW
Purple Rimmed Green Montipora Capricornis - NEW
Purple Rimmed Tan Montipora Capricornis - NEW
ORA Miami Orchid Staghorn Acropora - NEW
ORO Purple Polyp Birds Nest - NEW
Starry Nights Acropora - NEW
Pink Stylophora - NEW
Green Slimer Acropora - NEW

LPS Corals
Favia Brain
Blue/Green Open Brain
Pink tipped Green Frogspawn
Caulastrea furcata Candy Corals
Orange Rimmed Plate Coral

Soft Corals
Orange Bam Bam Zoanthids (orange - orange - orange - orange)
Candy Apple Pinks Zooanthids (green - pink - pink - white)
Radioactive Dragon Eyes Zoanthids (br green - br green - dk green - br green)
Wham'n Watermelon Zoanthids (purple - red - purple - br green)
Fire And Ice Zoanthids (green - blue - dk blue - red)
Bird of Prey Zoanthids (br green - dk blue - dk blue/blue spk - br green)
Horizons Zoanthids (orange - blue spk - dk blue - red)
Kryptonite Zoanthids (purple - br green - purple - br green)
Reverse Gorilla Nipples Zoanthids (orange - dk green - dk green - brown)
Raspberry Redd Zoanthids (purple - red - red - brown)
Peanut Butter Cup Zoanthids (orange - brown - brown - brown)
Unidentified Zoanthids (purple - green - green - brown)
Unidentified Zoanthids (orange - blue - blue - br green)
Unidentified Zoanthids (orange - blue spk - blue spk - brown)
Implosion Protopalythaos
Devil's Hand Leathers
Finger leathers
Sarcophyton (toadstool leather)
Green Sarcophyton
Green Polyp Sarcophyton
Purple Sinularia
Sinularia Flexibis
Green Nephthea
Cabbage leathers
Red Chili Leather
Kenya Trees
Purple Mushrooms
Red Mushrooms
Green Hairy mushrooms
Green Striped Mushrooms
Purple Striped Mushroom
Blue hairy mushrooms
Pink hairy mushroom
Blue/Green Ricordea
Orange Ricordea
Pulsing Xenia

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Here's a closer look from either side. I'll have to appologise for the photo quality on most of these photos to come. I changed to 14000k bulbs, which have a much lower PAR than the 10000k. They are also from the blue end of the spectrum, ,and arent very good for photographing under. Nonetheless, here you go.


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Here's a nice look at my supply cabinet, which doubles as a Frag/Testing station. The top has been lined with 1/8" acrylic to prevent damage from chemical spills and coral toxins. For anyone who doesn't recognize it, this is the cabinet that used to house the original 20 gallon sump back when I first built the system.


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The shelves in your cabinet are better stocked than my LFS!
Your whole set up is amazing :-D
Thanks Aunt Kymmie. And the best is yet to come.......

Eat your heart out all you Zoanthid lovers.


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And two misc shots here, the Green Slimer Acro, and a Xenia shot. Again, sorry about the current quality of shots, hopefully there will be some better ones with the bulb change in march.


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