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Hi all,
New to forum and glad to be here.I have kept tropical for many years but now want to change over to marine but i keep getting different answers as to what is adequate and what's not.
I have a 4ft tank(56.06 imp gallons(67.32 usg)and an old tank i used as a nursery below the stand which is 13.93 imp gallons.
I have been told by a shop that just opened that the small tank isn't big enough to use as a sump but by my calculations it only has to handle 2.4 imp gallons extra should the pump fail.
I know you have to consider water displacement with the skimmer,sand and so on but am i missing something here.
Thanks in advance.

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Your fine in the way your setting it up. I'd not put sand in there, as the more Macro Algae you can get in there the better off you'll be. Any sump is better than no sump. Back flow after power loss is the only thing you need be concerned about, you are correct in thinking of the gallons of water you will need to have space for in the sump. Other than that, your on the right track. Rule of thumb though is, stuff as big a sump under the cabinet as you can get. If 13g is all you can stuff under there, then 13g it is. The overflow and amount of water that goes back to the sump is all going to be based on where your siphon break holes are and what size pvc you are using.
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