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Family: Osteoglossidae

Common Name: Silver Arowana

Origin: This species is found in the Amazon River basin and in the Rupununi and Oyapock Rivers in South America as well as in still waters in Guyana.

Compatibility/Temperament: Highly predatory, can be aggressive.

Silver arowana Diet

Will usually accept dead meaty foods such as cockles, mussels, prawns, whitebait etc, or even floating pellets.


Usually 24-30" (60-90cm) in captivity, recorded up to 48" (120cm) in the wild. It is wise to get them at 4-8 inches/ 10-20cm when they are hardier and easier to handle.

Minimum Tank Suggestion

The size required depends on the size of your Arowana but should as a rule be at least twice and preferable more than 3 times the length of the fish.

Water parameters for Silver arowana

Soft and acidic (pH 6.0-6.9) ideally, well filtered.


Make sure the top of your tank is well secured. Silver Arowana are Jumpers, and may wind up dead on the floor otherwise.

They can be shy, and easily spooked. For example, when turning on the lights, it is wise to turn on the room lights first. Then after a few minutes, turn on the tank lights. Otherwise, your Silver Arowana might get spooked and injure itself. It is good if you can get some sunlight to them in the day as well, but not constant or you might wind up with an algae problem.

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