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Crawfish are small, freshwater crustaceans that have found their way into specialty pet stores. Because of their unusual appearance, distinct personalities and hardiness, crawfish have become a top pet choice for many people. With a simple aquarium set-up, you can establish a successful home for one of these mini-lobsters.

In the wild, crayfish are scavengers that roam the bottom of the lake/river for food and slow-moving fish. In a fish tank, the best food for them is a shrimp pellet, a sinking compressed food that will remain on the bottom of the tank. Fish eat shrimp pellets too so make sure you drop enough of them into or around the crayfish's hiding place. They also may eat some flakes that sink to the bottom but this is not considered a good staple food for them.

They get 2.4–3.5 in long and and the life span can be up to 20 years. These are about 1 inches long

They love flaked food or even Koi pellets. These guys will cruise around the bottom and eat any left over food. They make a great addition to any pond or aquarium. I guarantee your crayfish will arrive alive and you will be delighted with your purchase. All animals are safely packaged double bagged with oxygen and shipped in an insulated container, with a live arrival guarantee! Ice packs or heat packs will be added when necessary at no additional charge. Thanks for having a look.

I have about 15 so PM if interested looking for about 5 bucks each for them buyer pays shipping

Hi, where did you get these signal crayfish and can you ship them to Washington? Maybe interested in all 15.....
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