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Hello, new here! I have a problem with one of my silver sharks. He has become very skinny and his fins looked tapered at the ends + close to his body. I noticed that he was being bullied by my other silver shark which looks super healthy and is very lively. He stopped bullying but now the other one looks so sick. They are in a 125L tank and are still quite small. What can I do?

I only have 2 silver sharks in the tank as my old fish passed away from old age and I'm hoping to get some guppies in the future. The skinny silver shark is still eating and kind of active, he seems to be drifting about more than "swimming".

I have had them for over 2 years now and only recently this has become a problem. I always had just the 2 of them but I started noticing that the "bigger" one started to chase the sick looking one. I really don't want to lose them both.

Everything else seemed ok, I'm moving house tomorrow and I'm really worried about him being too weak and dying.


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