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I am looking for some advice about my black mystery snail. Fairly new to the tank, no problems were present before, and he was happily cruising around when I got him. Now, I've noticed that he hasn't moved much. I moved him to an incubation tank in my 20G (consists of tetras, an angelfish, and 2 platies). He will not come fully out of his shell, but I have noticed him clinging onto the tank wall, so he has to have gotten there somehow, I suppose.

Noticed a crack in his shell (not sure if this is a big deal or not) and a strange yellowish pus. Attached are photos of each.

I have also placed lettuce, cucumber, and an algae wafer in the incubation tank. I think he might have eaten some of the wafer, but I'm really just not sure how mobile he is.

Any suggestions as to what may be up with the little guy would be greatly appreciated!



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