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So last night when I got home from a show I was in the middle of feeding all the animals and when I went to go feed the fish I noticed one of my tetras had a strange injury on his head and didn't know what it was I can't tell if the fish were attacking him cause he was weak(plus I did forget to feed them the night before by accident) or if it's some kind of tumor disease thing.long story short I set up a 10 gallon tank as isolation tank then moved him from my 55 gallon to the 10 gallon and gave him some medicine and so far he's acting fine but I don't know what to do and silly as this sound I ended up looking for fish vets in Vegas but do I wanna take him to one or just let him live out his days in the tank til he either gets better or passes.I had this little man for 3 to 4 years along with the 4 other tetras he was sharing a tank with.I did do a water change and gave the tank medicine too just in case and all of them are fine and healthy

the 5 gallon tank contains

4 silver dollars
4 glass tetras...well 3 now since I moved the other one out
1 brown skirt tetra
1 Pleco(who will probably get moved after a certain size he hasn't been there long)

anyone had something similar happen or know what this is cause I'm stumped.I don't even know if I'm doing the right thing for him or not or if moving him from the others would even help.

btw if you're wondering why a 10 gallon tank it's because I don't have access to my 5 gallons or 2.5 gallon tanks at the moment plus gives him more room tp swim around in.

Video of the fish
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