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yea im having the same problem, 3 of mine have met the loo so i only have 1 left, it seemed like there was a redness to one side of the dorsal just layed down next to the LR and looked like it wasnt catching its breath, then it started doin 360's and loopedy loops and got dragged by my current, cause i dont have a hispital tank i gave it the grueling ice bath and flushed it...i noticed it b4, there was a white stringy poo substance, thought it was stomach lining for the first one, a month ago then in the past month 1 has died every thinking that the whole batch where i baught em from had this problem since all the rest of the fish are doing fine...we'll see next week cause i only have 1 more blue chromos left and by the rate they r going down...doesnt look to promising
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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