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Sick cats

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I ordered 5 hoplo catfish from lfs, maybe mistake number one. One looked like he had not eaten in a month..took the other 4. Now, two of them have ick, one has serious fin rot , one may be ok. I'm addressing ick problem mainly..I don't think I can save third with rot. But will take advice on that too. I have had success with Coppersafe with other fish, but I know catfish can(are) be sensitive to most medications. Ick showed up this morning, about two days after I brought them home. There is half dozen neon tetra, an angelfish, and a bristlenose pleco in 40 gallon breeder with two hoplos about 3/4 inch long. Don't know what to do. I do have metro crystal on hand.
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:-( what an awful situation,i hope someone can help you.
For the ick, raise the temperature up to at least 84 degrees.
For the fin rot do frequent large water changes, pristine water is your friend here.
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