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Hello all,

My Betta is really sick. He may be bloated, but I fed him a blanched pea and a day latter he had an enourmous poo. Still sick though. Here is what our vet said to do. Talk to our vet yesterday who is very educated on fish in general. Told him our Betta was sick and first thing he suggested was the salt bath. Although, his instructions are quite different from what I've read. 1st day do 1tsp salt in gallon tank, 2nd day water change and 2tsp salt. Third day water change and 3tsp salt. He did not say let him soak for 30 min, he said leave the Betta in the salt water the whole time. Anyone ever heard of this???? I'm on second day with 2tsp in gallon tank. Any info will help, thank you.
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