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Well first of all, lol i have 2 ghost shrimps in a pretty plant tank and lots of places to hide, I haven't seen my shrimp lately are they alive?
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How long have you had them and what fish are in the tank? Sometimes shrimp go into hiding until they feel it is safe enough to come out and nobody is going to eat them. And if are about no bigger then a fingernail, then you just might have to wait a bit longer. You should still be able to see them, and if you find an empty shell in the tank, then chances are they are still alive, but hiding to make sure nobody eats them while they are waiting for their new shell to harden. How big is your tank by the way.
other fish is a female baby betta and 3 endlers shrimp are a tiny bigger then finger nail
i just got the shrimp like 1 week ago
nooo betta WAYYYYY to small plus before the shrimp went missing she liked hanging out with them she usually looks at them and then carries on idk
which is bigger, the fish or the shrimp, because the rule between the two is that if the shrimp are bigger then their mouth, then they should be fine, especially since shrimp have good reflexes. Plus you said you have plenty of hiding spaces so chances are they might still come out of hiding if they don't feel threaten. And if you have had the fish for at least a month or two, chances are the betta would leave the shrimp alone because they are used to eating flakes and other foods that come from a container.
ive had the fish for about 3weeks to a month the shrimp are pretty big compared to the bettas mouth
Well, be patient because once they get over their shyness, they will be as open as the fish, at least until they shed their skin. But, and somehow there is always a but, you might want to check outside the tank once in while in case they decide to step out for some reason. How big is your tank?
an epic 5 gallon planted tank they never swim to the top so I dont think they would jump out I check no shrimp on the table lol
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Also what should I feed them? they collect flakes and some blood worms on the ground I have algae wafers but they dont touch it much
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Ghost shrimp will eat just about anything, except for algae, which is why they are so popular for aquarium. If you get algae growing, you might be better off with a snail. And I think you might want to start looking for a bigger tank because when those Endlers grow, it will become crowded for the betta.
As for the ghost shrimp, I have 7 of them in a 20g tank, barely decorated, just live plants, driftwood and a decoration, with a Bolivian Ram who doesn't seem the slightest bit interested in eating them, although it does annoy them when it grabs food from the bottom before they could. Four of them were added recently, which are half the size of the three I have before them, and every once in awhile I see one or two of the new ones swim around. Sometimes you just have wait for them to grow some more and they should be easier to find by then.
:/ so if you say the endlers are gonna get big.. I was gonna get 7 what fish so you recommend for my 5 gallon? just the betta is boring lol
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Endlers only get about an inch. Them and the betta is a perfect combo.
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Any more endlers would be pushing it a bit. But you might want to keep a closer eye on any female endlers because if they look their bellies are getting bigger, then you're going to need a bigger tank incase they have babies.
And don't worry about the ghost shrimp too much, they grow up fast and it shouldn't be too long until you see them for longer periods of time.
wowowow as we are speaking the shrimp popped out to say hello! they grabbed a few flakes and are happy :) all my endlers are males
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I still dont see how my tank would get crowded it seems more empty .-.
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Why did you ask what fish you could put in a 5 gallon when someone already said you're fully stocked? And it usually takes awhile for shrimp to actually come out, especially when you have faster fish like Endlers. They usually hide and look around at night when the fish are asleep.
I still dont get how im fully stocked lol, my shrimp came out already lol
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It isnt really fully stocked YET, IMO. But after you get the more endlers. You have no room for any more fish.
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