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I have a ton of Ludwigia Sp. Red stems to sell. Nice big stems, healthy, no algae.
.50 cents per stem. Also have 4 large stems of Limnophilia Aromatica.$.75 per stem, and a few stems of Hygro. Scarlet, $.75 per stem. Few stems of Ammania Sp.Gracilis, $1 per stem. 2 Hygro Sp. (willow) complete plants--1 large, one smaller. $1 per plant. Wisteria $.75 per stem Valisineria Sp. Leopard few plants.$.50 per plant. 5 small stems Ludwigia Arcuata, $.75 per stem.
Shipping is$6.85USPS Priority, in an insulated box. Cold pacs available for $1
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