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Setting up a new 125 gal planted. Looking for some advice.

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I,m new to your forum and looking for advice. I am going to purchase a 125 gal tank. I would like it to end up heavily planted with a large number of small schooling fish. I have been away from the hobby for a long time but I have had many tanks over the years. Both fresh and salt. This is my first attempt at a project like the one above and I would like to buy only quality equipment. Hope you might have a minute to respond.
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Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.:cheers:

I second the test kit. And contacting your municipal water folks for data on the GH, KH and pH of your tap water.

At the head of the Aquarium Plants section there is a series I wrote entitled "A Basic Approach to the Natural Planted Aquarium" that sets out in summary a low-tech or "natural" method planted tank.

Byron, Where can I find the series you wrote? Sounds interesting. I dont have a municipal water company, my house is on a private well.
This current thread is in the Freshwater Aquarium section. You need to go to the Aquarium Plants section.

Here's the direct link to part 1, there are 4 posts in that thread:
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I agree the water softener may be a problem, especially with those numbers.

Can you test the well water prior to it going through the softener? It would be useful to know the GH and pH. Assuming you can get water pre-softener. We are just speculating until we know the numbers, but it may not be bad, or it may be worth some mixing with "pure" water like rainwater, RO, or distilled.

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