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I decided to start a fresh thread on this subject as I posted the wrong tank dimentions in my OP and title in my original thread and by the time I knew better, I couldn't edit. I am hoping to create an easy to care for tank that the residents can enjoy. Here is my main question...
*What would make a good community mix or species tank for this 45 gallon tank?
I am asking for suggestions for an actual tank (not just a classification of fish). Smething like 4 (x) fish, 1 (y) fish, and 12 (z) fish.

I would prefer fish who could live within the water perimeters listed without alteration. If you have a good idea for a tank suggestion and alterations are a must, please find the simplest methods and let me know how to do it.

Keep in mind that the tank is for the enjoyment of the elderly. They need to be able to see the fish. A mute colored fish should be active and large enough to spot. Smaller fish need to be brightly colored and active. Unactive fish should be large enough to see and brightly colored. You get the idea.

Water Perimeters (called city to confirm)
Tap water contains Amonia and Clorine which are nutralized with Prime water conditioner.
No Nitrate or Nitrite.
pH: 8.4 (very basic/high)
Hardness: 50-75ppm (very soft)
Alkalinity: 200-300 (very high)

Tank equitment
Adjustable heater
Decore and hiding spots
Lights (regular but may be changed out for plants)
Gravel (but may go sand)
Gravel Vac
5 gal bucket
Filter (old. unsure of type. hangs off back of tank and has space for 2 filter cartrages)
*They will get a test kit of their own soon

Fish that have been suggested
(don't be afraid to suggest other fish, especially since I believe these need hard water and their water is soft)
Central American Stream
Zebra Danio
Whiptail Catfish

Also, the tank is currently home to a Bristlenose Catfish who was the only survivor of the original setup as the people were clueless about fishcare. He is very skinny an has been living in clorinated water and eating nothing but Goldfish Flakes for a year, so I have high hopes for him making a full recovery base on his strength alone. How many fish do you know of coud live in such a state that long?

*I want to thank Byron for all his helpful suggestions so far. You have been an amazing help :)

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The tetras like lower pH, so they're out. I know corys are sensative to amonia and since there is amonia straight out of the tap, I wouldn't feel right putting them in there. Gouramis are a different story though. Looks like they work with high pH AND soft water. Are there any other fish yal can think of like this? Or should I just harden the water and go with swordtails?

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I am hoping someone will jump in and help here.

I found out that I can't add anything to lower pH or raise hardness, so will any of the fish suggested work with soft water and high pH? Don't forget about the bristlenose.

I will go by there one day and see if the pH swings after setting in the tank and report back. I haven't been able too thanks to food poisoning! (I'm NOT lovin' it!) They want to add fish in there next week, so I need to get the stocking right.
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