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I have had a small (15 gal) aquarium for over a decade, on and off. There have been long stretches of success as well as sudden catastrophes. I have made mistakes and learned from most of them...
Now I feel its time to get an 'adult' aqua culture/scape going in my life.
We already have a large glass tank (pretty sure its 55 gal) and I have decided an external, cartridge filter is probably what I want. I would Love to have one that can import data/be controlled via my computer. I would rather spend a little extra to get one slightly bigger than what I need now, as I think given a few years, I may like to upgrade tank size.

Here is my first big question; Which filter? I have looked at Fluval's and Eheim's and they both make me drool... but this is the tendency for big-ticket items, that may be more than I need for more than I should be spending.
My ultimate goal is to have a gorgeous 'scape and a happy community of loaches, several different types, if they are compatible...
My favorites are 1.Dojo 2.Kuli 3. Stream. I have had #1,2 with pretty good success (given how uneducated I started :oops:) I understand they like a higher volume of water flow and I would like to plan with this eventuality. That is looking FAR into the future from this point, for me.
I just want to get what I need and start things going.
Also, I currently have a size C bio-wheel for my old tank and a large size heater. That's about it for equipment, however.

Tl;Dr New 55 gal tank for stream fishes, which canister filter, where to buy? Electronic preferred, not necessary.

I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer on this first step, as I feel it is about the most important/expensive decision.
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