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I'm selling some extra christmas moss i have. Algae free, might have snails. $7 priority shipping. (Pick up on weekends if you want to come by Boston). PM for Paypal.

Christmas moss clump - $12 each (have 5 as pictured)

Christmas Moss on river rocks (rocks boiled and passed vinegar test) - $5 each
Have 3 round ones and 2 flat ones. You can chose which one in the picture if you like, if not i'll random.

Big clump if java moss - $3 (Only if you brought something else)

The Christmas moss looks nice on driftwood and as a carpet =)
Can make you a nice mat on plastic mesh as long as it fits in a small priority box, give me the dimensions. If it takes more or less than a ball, i'll adjust the price =)
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