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Hey there,

I recently made the grievous mistake of browsing fish profiles....and I came upon the very beautiful Peacock Eel. I was hoping some of the members here might have some concise information about them (there are so many conflicting "facts" on the internet, I have no idea what's right
). To be more specific, I was wondering:

Are Striped Peacock Eels the same as regular peacock eels? They have different scientific names (Macrognathus aral and macrognathus siamensis, respectively), but everything I've read online makes me think it's all one eel. Can anyone confirm/deny this and if so, what are their differences?

Also, would fish that range from 2-3" be safe with this type of eel? IE: Are they too large to fit in it's mouth? Ideally, I'd like to keep praecox rainbowfish, black ruby barbs, and possibly harlequin rasboras (might be too small?) in the same tank.

Lastly, I've read that they can be quite variable in size, anywhere from 6" to 16". Would one be able to live happily in a 55g?
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