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seeding a new tank from existing set up

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I 'aquired' a silk plant which I've put in my main tank - with a view to moving it to the new set up I am trying to cycle, after letting it accumulate some BB from the existing setup. Any idea how long it is worth leaving it in the old tank for before moving it across?
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I don't know the size of the new tank but one silk plant probably won't make too much of a difference for cycling unless you have other items your seeding then moving as well. The filter media would be much more effective. Typically it is recommended to seed filter media or other items for a minimum of 2 wks preferably 4-6 wks depending on tank size & bio load of the new tank.
Thanks - useful info! I'm guessing it can't hurt to use the plant, though I'll not expect it to do an instant cycle :) I could move a handful of gravel too, but there's not much to spare and the substrates are wildly different (old tank has dyed gravel, new one is natural!)

I've got a very small amount of media I could put in the old (but not exactly mature) tank, but how does one go about doing that?
In an ideal world I'd have set up a 2nd filter in the 1st tank, and then moved it across, but the filter I've got for the new tank isn't suitable to put in the old one. I do have some spare media for the new tank....but how does one go about putting that in the 1st tank without a filter to put it in?

BTW - the new tank is about 8 gallons.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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