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second hand kit

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Hi, since setting up my first tank I have now become something of a magnet for other people's old kit! :lol: Actually, I am very happy because I am really looking forward to setting up some more tanks.

What would you do with any of the following items:

20 gallon tank - goes without saying, I'm going to set this one up. I'm thinking about a totally different set up from my other one, for different species. The other one's ended up being hill-stream for my panda gara. So this will be for more static water lovers, or something requiring a more delicate balance of pH, or softer water. Recommendations?

8 gallon tank (I'm thinking ideal for fry, QT, and whatever - or maybe for a betta? - I'd love a betta!)

Second hand substrate. The tanks have be disused for several months, but the substrate was still wet. Is it worth keeping, or not worth the risk of harbouring something nasty? Its somewhere between very fine gravel and very coarse sand.

An old ornament. Assuming it cleans up ok, and there's no damage (and I do like it) I presume its ok to reuse. Any danger signs to watch out for?

2 old heaters - I've not tested them, but assuming they are working ok is there any reason not to keep a heater (iro 20yo at a guess)? Has the technology changed massively?

A bunch of meds - for the bin, right? I've rather have new, reliable, known stuff.

broad spectrum pH test - gave the same result as the the API master kit. Might as well keep this I guess. Plus it's range is 5-10, so great if I'm not already vaguely sure of the pH.

6.5 buffer - absolutely no idea of the age - does this stuff degrade?
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Ditch the meds and the substrate... IMO... and YES I'm addicted to other peoples used stuff too!!! It's like treasure especially when it's at a garage sale or someone drops off a box of stuff at the house,... "Go thru it, keep whatever you think you should.".
Grins... :lol: Thanks!! Squeeeeeee!!! :redyay:
I'm really excited - I've now got a 8 gallon tank in the process of cycling, for the cost of a new light bulb :-D

Amoungst the kit I got given was a fluval u2, with some bits missing, and an air pump. With the help of google and you tube, I made myself a home-made sponge filter :-D I've pretty much decided on a betta and wanted something low-flow.
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