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Family: Scatophagus

Common Name: Scat

Origin and Habitat: Indo-Pacific, Kuwait, Fiji, Japan


Scat Diet

Scats are largely vegetarians and therefore should be fed with mostly vegetable matter.


Ideal water parameters for Scat

The Scat should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 72 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 8.


Scats are brackish water fish which grow to 12 inches at most therefore requiring a very large tank and should be kept in groups minimum of 5. A tank furnished with driftwoods to imitate the mangrove roots of their haibitat and some tough plants will make a suitable tankmates.

Scats are herbivorous and will therefore consume plants in great quantities. These are also known to eat detritus in the wild. Scats are greatly consumed as food fish in many Asian countries however there are also available in the aquarium trade as juveniles which are often sold as freshwater species. This has led to many unsuspecting aquarium beginners to keep them in freshwater conditions as they mature without increasing the salinity level required and eventually cramping them in small tanks.

If you wish to keep them, be sure to plan out the specific gravity (SG) as they grow. Sub-adults and adults can be maintained at SG of 1.009-1.012 however adults have often been found in full marine conditions.

Suitable tankmates are archerfish, glass fish, etroplus cichlids and the two well-known species of Monodactylus.
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