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Same subject in multiple locations

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I have freshwater fish and the thing is that right now, I want to tell a lot people what is going on, but the thing is that I have fish in three different sections and I don't want to type the same subject over and over again in those sections. What I'm wondering if there is a way to post on multiple sections at the same time, or would I have no choice but do them one at a time.
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How many different sections are you thinking of? You can start new threads in each and copy paste the message text into each.

Or I'd be happy to help you out and copy the threads if what you're trying to do makes sense.
Right now three, might grow into more in a couple of months. I just want to know there is an option whenever I feel lazy to type the same thing over and over again.
Allrightey then. You can always shoot me a pm if you'd like.
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