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So far it seems much more complicated. When my girlfriend and I bought the saltwater setup it included a kit for testing the levels of four or five different chemicals a few times a week. Each test could take up to five minutes. In two weeks, we've bought a total of 17 fish and we have 4 left. We didn't buy all 17 together. We had 12 initially and we kept replacing them as they died off. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the remaining fish, blue devil damsel and a yellow tail damsel, live until the tank is done cycling and is ready for some larger fish. I almost feel like a scientist trying to maintain the tank, but I hear it gets easier once the tank is done cycling!

Rachel said:
We have a few small freshwater fish tanks but we are thinking about starting a saltwater tank because there are more fish. I read that it's harder to keep them, though. Is it much harder?
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