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Family: Poeciliidae

Common Name: Sailfin Molly

Origin and Habitat: Southeastern United States, Brackish waters of Louisiana, and Florida

Compatibility/Temperament: Males of this species are often belligerent with other males and best kept with one male for every three females.

Sailfin Molly Diet

The Sailfin Molly will eat most fish food, have found to show good results with color enhancers, and benefit from a good vegetable supplement as staple portion of diet, Fish are largely herbivorus and meaty foods such as shrimp,bloodworms,blackworms,should be offered as treats with main focus on vegetable or algae based foods.


Adult fish can grow to four inches ,hence the 20 gallon minimum tank size with larger tank needed for larger number's kept.

Minimum Tank Suggestion

20 gallons

Water parameters for Sailfin Molly

The Sailfin Molly should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 78 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 7.5. with 12 + dh


The original Sailfin Molly is silver and mottled with designs of white and gray. The male is unmistakable with an enormous dorsal fin while females dorsal fin appears a bit smaller. It is the large dorsal fine of this species that gives it it's name. The tail and dorsal fin may possess a blue iridescence or other color's as well.

The Sailfin Molly now comes in many varieties. Gold and black variations are widely available along with siver,white,or mottled colors.

Sailfin mollies are livebearers and are easy to breed. They prefer a small amount of salt in their tank water to remain healthy. There is no need to separate the parents from the fry, but the parents will eat the fry if adequate hiding places are not provided.
Hiding places for fry should be in the way of floating plant's either live,,or artificial. This gives the fry cover as well as provides an area to feed from.At around four weeks of age .fry should be large enough to not be viewed as food by the adult's.

It is hard to tell for sure if your female sailfin molly is pregnant, but if the fish looks larger than normal look for a dark triangle on its belly towards the back. If it gets progressively darker then the fish is likely getting ready to give birth.
If females are not kept separate from males, They are almost inherently pregnant when purchased.

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