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Hi all!

I just thought I'd share a few ideas with everyone on here!

I call it SAAG

It stands for Sustainable Aquatic AGriculture

Here's the basis of my program. I have some elodea and after my fish ate it down to the nubs, save a few scraps, I want to grow it back. To do this, I needed a plant tank where they could safely grow. I might have gone off task a bit with a 1.5 gallon Tetra tank with colored LED lights and bubbler, but it sure looks cool! I am looking into supplemental lighting, no worries. I also got a handsome male betta named Soap MacTavish after a video game character. The way I designed this program was cool. Basically, Soap is awesome and cool and fertilizes the plants, and they grow. They provide cover for Soap to live in. When they grow, I can put one or two in my big tank and my fish can dig in. I always keep a generation going and my fish always have fresh salad. And I have a cool new tank. Everybody wins!:-D
Right now, the plants are what I could find after a super tank cleaning. They are small, and I stuck them in the gravel so they can root themselves. Elodea is tough.

I got the tank set up and running on the 27th. I am looking into fertilizer possibly, only if it is safe for the tank and they fish can eat the plants. I have 2 little samples. (I had 3, but one got sucked up in the filter I guess.) Anyway, wish me luck, and I'd love some tips!

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